PointsBet Canada Takes a Trip to Sunnyvale Trailer Park for Ontario Sports Betting

PointsBet Canada Takes a Trip to Sunnyvale Trailer Park for Ontario Sports Betting
By Mark Keast

Representatives of PointsBet Sportsbook Ontario have said several times recently they are committed to finding ways to dig deeper into Canadian cultural touchpoints and to be more creative in their marketing. This will help the company to gain any edge it can over what competitors like behemothic Fanduel Ontario and their massive advertising budgets will be doing.

That’s after everyone is regulated and operating legal Ontario sports betting businesses, of course.

A launch date for Ontario sports betting apps is still unclear.

That’s why we raise a Spockian eyebrow at another PointsBet announcement Friday. The sportsbook has signed a multi-year, exclusive partnership with the Trailer Park Boys.

The Trailer Park Boys has been a popular Canadian television franchise going back 20 years. The comedy series is a mockumentary about the lives and misadventures of trailer park residents, led by characters Bubbles, Ricky and Julian.

They once did a memorable video for the Tragically Hip’s The Darkest One from 2007 with former Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry playing the part of a fried chicken delivery driver who gets into a scrap with Bubbles over money owed for the chicken. It doesn’t get more Canadian than the Hip, Cherry and the Trailer Park Boys.

Looking For Sports Bettors

PointsBet is clearly looking to bring over bettors from that audience. And it’s an innovative move.

“Our mission from day one has been to build a sportsbook as authentically Canadian as poutine,” Nic Sulsky, chief commercial officer of PointsBet Canada, said in a statement. “And nothing says Canadiana more than the Trailer Park Boys. We are thrilled to have Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian join Canada’s Sportsbook to bring fans a new, innovative experience.”

Canadian Content Collaboration

The content collaboration will be featured on both the Trailer Park Boys and PointsBet Canada-owned channels. The Trailer Park Boys will also be appearing in PointsBet advertising campaigns, activations and VIP-style events.

A spokesperson from PointsBet said the deal is purely brand-building for the sportsbook, a “true shared partnership, the TPB team is excited and invested.”

Like the deal PointsBet announced earlier this week with the NHL Alumni Association, the spokesperson said: “ I think our true commitment to the Canadian market made this possible.”



Mark Keast has recently covered the sports betting industry in Canada for The Parleh, and is a long-time sportswriter and editor, most notably with the Toronto Sun.

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