Ottawa Senators Betting Guide 2024: Projections, News & More

By Peter Mooney
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The Ottawa Senators had an eventful 2023-24 NHL season, showcasing a blend of youthful energy and seasoned leadership that brought both thrilling victories and challenging defeats. Led by head coach D.J. Smith, the team aimed to build on their previous progress and push towards a playoff berth. Despite missing the playoffs, the Senators made significant strides in their development. The 2023-24 season was marked by the emergence of young talents who are expected to be integral to the team's future success. With a focus on continuing to build their roster and develop their young stars, the Ottawa Senators left their fans with a sense of optimism and anticipation for the seasons to come. 

🏆 Stanley Cup Wins:11
🏒 Playoff Appearances:16
📊 2023-24 Record:37-41

📅 Latest in Senators News

  • 📅 April 18, 2024: The Senators held their end-of-season media availabilities and reflected on the past season while setting goals for future improvements.
  • 📅 April 19, 2024:  The Senators participated in the "Jerseys Off Our Backs" campaign. This event highlight their continued community involvement
  • 📅 April 30, 2024: The Senators were acknowledged for their ongoing community impact on April 30, 2024, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the Ottawa community​
  • 📅 May 3, 2024: Several Senators players have been participating in the 2024 IIHF Men’s World Championship, which will be valuable for their development going forward.
  • 📅 May 7, 2024: Discussions regarding the new arena at LeBreton Flats are ongoing, with significant financial challenges.
  • 📅 May 21, 2024: Rob DiMaio was named the Director of Player Personnel and Director of Professional Scouting. He is expected to significantly influence the team’s future player acquisitions​.

🏒 Odds & Projections for Next Season

Here are the betting odds for the Ottawa Senators for the upcoming 2024 NHL season:

  1. 🏒 Stanley Cup Odds: The Ottawa Senators are listed at +49900 to win the Stanley Cup. This reflects the long odds given the team's current state and recent performance history​.
  2. 🏒 Eastern Conference Odds: The Senators have odds of +30000 to win the Eastern Conference. This also indicates a significant uphill battle for the team to reach the finals​.
  3. 🏒 Atlantic Division Odds: The Senators are positioned at +2000 to win the Atlantic Division. This shows they are not favorites but have better odds than some of the long-shot conference and cup bets​.
  4. 🏒 To Make the Playoffs: Ottawa Senators have +110 odds to make the playoffs and -136 odds to miss the playoffs. This indicates a relatively close line, showing some belief in their potential to break into the postseason​.
  5. 🏒 Season Point Total: The over/under for the Senators' total points for the season is set at 91.5, with both the over and under having odds of -115. This suggests that bookmakers expect the Senators to be competitive but not necessarily dominant​.
  6. 🏒 Individual Game Odds: In typical matchups, the Senators often find themselves as underdogs. For instance, against stronger teams, they might be listed as +200 underdogs, reflecting the expectation of a challenging game.
  7. 🏒 Puck Line Bets: When favored, the Senators’ puck line typically sits at -1.5 with varying odds, such as -120 to -150. As underdogs, their puck line odds can be around +130 to +160 for +1.5 goals​.
  8. 🏒 Total Bets (Over/Under): The over/under line for Senators' games usually ranges from 5 to 7 goals, considering the team's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each side of the bet can have standard odds like -110​.
  9. 🏒 First Period Bets: Betting on the first period outcomes can have odds like Senators +150 to win the first period against stronger opponents, reflecting their status as underdogs in many matchups​.
  10. 🏒 Prop Bets: Various prop bets are available, such as individual player performances and team achievements during the season. For example, odds on Brady Tkachuk’s goal totals or the Senators’ total wins can be found with specific bookmakers.

These odds give a comprehensive view of how Ontario sportsbooks see the Ottawa Senators performing in the upcoming season, reflecting both their potential and the challenges they face.

How To Watch The Ottawa Senators

Below are some of the viewing options available to watch the senators play this season:

TV Broadcasts:

  • TSN (The Sports Network): TSN broadcasts many Ottawa Senators games throughout the season, covering a significant portion of the team's schedule.
  • RDS (Réseau des sports): For French-speaking fans, RDS offers live broadcasts of Senators games.
  • Sportsnet: Occasionally, Sportsnet also covers Senators games, particularly those of high importance or against major rivals.

Streaming Services:

  • TSN Direct: This is TSN’s streaming service, available for those who have a subscription. It allows fans to watch live games on various devices.
  • NHL Live: The NHL’s official streaming service provides live and on-demand streams of all NHL games, including those of the Ottawa Senators. A subscription is required.
  • ESPN+: For viewers in the United States, ESPN+ offers a selection of NHL games, including those of the Senators.
  • Sportsnet NOW: This streaming service offers live and on-demand NHL games, including those featuring the Senators, depending on regional blackouts.

Ontario Regional Networks:

  • Rogers TV: Local cable service Rogers TV occasionally broadcasts Senators games, focusing on regional audiences.

NHL Network

  • Available in both Canada and the United States, NHL Network broadcasts a variety of NHL games, including select Senators matchups.

Senators Expectations

The Ottawa Senators enter the 2024 NHL season with a blend of cautious optimism and high expectations. After a rebuilding phase that has seen the team accumulate promising young talent, the Senators are now focused on taking a significant step forward. Key players like Brady Tkachuk, Tim Stützle, and Thomas Chabot are expected to lead the charge, supported by a mix of emerging prospects and strategic veteran acquisitions. With a new head coach, Travis Green, at the helm, the team aims to improve their consistency and compete for a playoff spot. The Senators' management and fan base are hopeful that the combination of youthful energy and experienced leadership will translate into a more competitive and successful season.

Ottawa senators FAQ

The best player on the Ottawa Senators is widely regarded to be Brady Tkachuk. As the team captain, Tkachuk embodies leadership both on and off the ice.

The Ottawa Senators play their home games at the Canadian Tire Centre. Located in Kanata, a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario

The Ottawa Senators, in their modern incarnation since rejoining the NHL in 1992, have not won a Stanley Cup. However, the original Ottawa Senators, who were part of the NHL from 1917 to 1934, won the Stanley Cup 11 times.


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