Best Ontario Interac Betting Sites for CA Bettors, Ontario Sportsbooks Accepting Interac e-Transfer

By Martin Booth

As more online sportsbooks emerge in Canada, there is an increasing variety of online payment methods available to sports bettors. Interac online payments are among the most popular and convenient payment methods.

Interac e-transfer allows sports bettors to deposit in online casinos and Ontario sports betting sites directly from their Canadian bank account. This article will discuss what Interac online banking is, how it works to use the Interac payment method as a deposit method or to withdraw money with an online sportsbook from your bank account, and other important information regarding Interac payments.

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Canadian Online Betting Sites That Accept Interac E-Transfer

There are a good number of online sports betting sites that already accept Interact payments as a form of alternative payment method. Since it is one of the most convenient payment methods, many sports bettors in the Canadian market prefer the Interac e-transfer option. As Interac becomes an increasingly popular method we expect more and more sportsbooks in Canada to adopt this payment method on their site. Here are some of the Interac sportsbooks available in Canada:

Sportsbook Best Feature
🏧 Bet365 Sportsbook Best for product quality
🏧 BetSafe Sportsbook Best Customer Support
🏧 Betsson Sportsbook Fast Sports Betting Platform
🏧 BetMGM SportsbookBest for new sports bettors
🏧 BetVictor Sportsbook Best App Interface
🏧 BetWay Sportsbook Live Betting User Experience
🏧 ComeOn! Sports Sportsbook Best for Pulse Betting
🏧 LeoVegas Sportsbook Personalized Bet Builder
🏧 Sports Interaction SportsbookMobile Optimized Site
🏧 888 Sports Sportsbook Best for niche sports betting markets

What is Interac E-Transfer?

Interac betting sites are essentially the same as other Ontario betting apps, the only difference being the inclusion of Interac online payments as a withdrawal or deposit method.

Interac came to being through the emergence of the non-profit Interac Association in 1984. At the time, the Interac Association only provided services to the largest banks in the Canadian market. Today, the organization now known as the Interac Corporation services over 80 participating financial institutions, which may very well include your local bank or credit union.

Interac e-transfer is basically an online banking service that facilitates financial transactions and allows users to directly transfer funds to other parties. Many consider it the "Venmo of Canada" although unlike Venmo Interac works in close association with Canadian banks and does not require a mobile application.

Online transactions can be sent through an "Interac e-transfer" where funds are sent via email money transfers or using a mobile phone number. Alternatively, "Interac Online" sends mobile payments through a direct connection with the participating merchant. The beauty of this method is that no personal financial information or bank details need to be shared with the merchant, as everything remains stored and secure through your bank Interac account.

An Interac bookmaker refers to any online sportsbook or sports betting sites that accept Interac. As long as your bank account supports Interac payments, you will be able to make Interac deposits and transactions.

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Interac Deposits

How Long Does it Take to Deposit Money on Interac Betting Sites?

For betting sites that accept Interac or support Interac transactions, Interac Online is arguably one of the best deposit methods for sports bettors.

The time it takes for an Interac deposit to process can vary from one online betting site to another. One of the best features of Interac online banking is the speed at which financial transactions are completed. Generally speaking, Interac deposits are processed instantly. This means, in most cases, you should see your money appear in your sportsbook account right away. Be patient, as there are situations where it may take a bit longer for your money to appear.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Money on Interac Betting Sites?

As is the case with Interac deposits, Interac users often see a very quick turnaround when it comes to withdrawing funds. Interac is an incredibly efficient means to transfer money, as long as your Canadian national bank supports the service.

Once again, it is impossible to guarantee a specific amount of time as different Interac sportsbooks will have a range of processing times for delivering funds. Still, you can expect to see your money in your bank account in a short amount of time. Withdrawals can take slightly longer than deposits. Usually, funds will appear within twenty-four hours back in your bank account.

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Money Transfer Costs on Interac with Sports Betting Sites

Another one of the great advantages of using Interac Online as a payment method is the low-cost nature of the service. Online sports betting sites that accept Interac are popular because Interac payments are almost always free. That's right, it costs nothing to use Interac services through your sports betting account. Since Interac works in close association with your Canadian bank account, the bank is the one supporting the service instead of you. This is also why it isn't necessary to create an independent Interac account.

Very occasionally, some Interac bookmakers will charge a fee for using Interac on their site. This, however, is very uncommon. The majority of the time, using Interac to deposit or withdraw funds is entirely free. In addition to this, some Canadian bank accounts reserve the right to charge their clients some amount for the ability to use Interac services. This may appear on individual transactions or through other fees.

Why is Interac one of the safest payment methods for sports betting?

Interac is one of the most secure online payment methods. With decades of experience working closely with Canadian financial institutions to facilitate bank transfers, the Interac Corporation has a wide breadth of experience to ensure safety and high-quality service to its patrons. Through utilizing advanced security software and taking advantage of safety protocols that already exist through online banking Interac users can rest assured their money is in good hands. There are many ways that Interac achieves this level of security:

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  • Encryption technology

    Interac employs encryption technology to bolster the security of information and personal data. Encryption refers to a process whereby data is converted into a code that is indecipherable. This means that if any information from Interac were to be compromised and leaked, it would still be impossible for third parties to make any sense of the data retrieved. This is a critical layer of security that ensures your personal information remains safe in a data breach.

  • Confidential user IDs and passwords

    Since Interac payments operate through your online banking account, you make use of security protocols already implemented by your financial institution. This includes confidential user IDs and passwords. Only those who have access to your bank information can make an Interac payment from your account. When you make an Interac e-transfer, none of your actual banking information is shared, not even your user ID.

  • Secure login process

    Interac ensures a secure log-in process for making payments. Once again, since Interac is a service that is only accessed through your bank, the log-in process for accessing online banking also applies to the ability to make any Interac transfer. All Interac online payments require that you have all of your bank login information to guarantee only account holders are able to make money transfers.

Sign Up Process for an Interac account in Ontario

Since Interac services operate through participating financial institutions, it isn't necessary to create an Interac account. Your Interac profile is, essentially, your existing bank account.

The critical thing to remember here is that in order to use Interac Online services you must have an account with a bank that supports Interac. So, while you don't need to create an account with Interac specifically if you wish to make Interac transactions but you are not a member of a participating Canadian bank or credit union, you may want to consider creating an account with another financial institution.

In terms of signing up for Interac betting sites, AKA online sportsbooks that allow Interac transfers, this process is easy. While the specifics of accessing the sign-up page to create your account may differ from one sports betting site to another, the general process will be very similar. After inputting the necessary personal information in the sportsbook account creation section, your account will be verified and activated. To use Interac debit on the site you sign up for, head over to the banking section and follow the setup process for connecting your bank account and making the deposit. Once you being earning winnings, most sportsbooks will allow you to request Interac withdrawals as well.

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Best Payment Methods If Your Sports Betting Account Doesn't Accept Interac?

For those that don't have access to Interac online or use a bank that does not accept Interac, sports betting sites have many other payment options available to users. While each of these options will have slightly different processing times, all will ensure you are able to securely deposit or withdraw funds from your online sportsbook account.

Many sports betting sites in Canada allow users to connect their Visa or Mastercard credit card and debit card directly to their account. This functions in a similar way as using the Interac payment method. Transactions may take a little longer than they would be compared to using Interac, however, this method still tends to process payments and withdrawals quickly. Your bank may apply additional costs or fees when making transactions, and certain banks do not allow credit or debit payments for online gaming at all. Be sure to check your bank policy before trying to make a payment.

PayPal is another common method for adding funds to or withdrawing winnings from your online sportsbook account. PayPal is a secure, free service and provides an efficient means for making online transactions. In order to use PayPal, you will need to register for a PayPal account through their website or app. Setting up an account is easy but it can take some time to complete the process.

Certain online sportsbooks that have associated retail locations will allow online sports bettors to make withdrawals at the related casino. This requires travelling to the brick-and-mortar location to speak to a cashier. It is often more convenient to withdraw funds using a digital option.

Interac safe banking

Interac is only accepted by Ontario licensed sites

Interac payments are only available on licensed sports betting sites in Ontario. These sites are approved and regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, meaning they must comply with all the rules determined by the provincial government.

The fact that Interac is only available on approved sites, and not those on the grey market, gives even more reason to trust this service. Interac only works with legal sites. You can rest assured that your banking information is safe when betting with these sportsbooks and using Interac services.

Canada Interac Betting Sites FAQs

Yes. Interac e-transfer as a payment method is available for select licensed sports betting sites in Ontario. Interac payments are a secure and efficient means for depositing or withdrawing funds from your online sportsbook account. If your bank supports Interac and you use sports betting sites that accept Interac transfers, you will be able to make payments with this service.

Yes. Interac e-transfer is a safe and reliable method for making online payments on sportsbooks in Canada. Interac has a long history of working with Canadian financial institutions and has been successful in facilitating the secure transfer of money for decades. Interac employs a variety of strategies to ensure security of information.

Yes. Bet365 is among a growing number of sports betting sites in the Canadian market that accept Interac. Bet365 allows users to make payments using Interac e-transfer, a safe and efficient way to add funds to an account. Interac is also one of the fastest ways to withdraw any winnings.

There is no minimum age for using Interac e-transfer. That said, Interac services are accessed through personal bank accounts and there can be age requirements when it comes to the use of certain bank accounts. If you have an independent bank account that supports Interac payments, you will have full access to Interac services. Minimum Ontario gambling age is 19.


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