Survey: What Are Ontarians Saying About Sports Betting?

By Matt Asher

With the recent launch of online sports betting in Ontario, surveyed Ontario residents to gather trends on the habits and preferences of sports betting in the province.

Are Ontario Residents Betting?

Based on the results of the survey, more than 3 in 10 (35%) Ontario residents currently bet on sports at least once a week while nearly 2 in 5 (39%) Ontario residents don’t currently place bets on sports at all.

Exactly 1 in 4 (25%) Ontario residents say that they bet 3 or more times a day. Nearly half of the Ontario residents (48%) consider themselves as moderate sports bettors as opposed to experts or professionals.

Sports Brand Betting Preference

Of the residents surveyed, 18% preferred to bet with UK-based bet365 Sportsbook while the American-based BetMGM was preferred by 17% of the Ontarians surveyed. FanDuel (11%), Caesars Sportsbook (8%) and PointsBet (7%) rounded out the top 5 sports betting brands.

All other licensed sportsbooks in Ontario were preferred by 2% or less of the respondents but, in total, sportsbooks outside the top five made-up 40% of the brands preferred despite none of them gaining much support individually. For reference, here's a full list of licensed sports betting apps in Ontario.

How Much Have Ontario Residents Won on A Bet?

Roughly 70% of residents surveyed claimed they have won at least $1 on a bet since sports betting launched in Ontario, while 31% claimed they have not bet on sports since the launch.

18% of the sports bettors confirmed they have won between $51 and $100 on a single bet and 17% claimed they have won between $1 and $25. Of the Ontarians surveyed, 5% claimed to have won $1,000 or more on a bet.

What League Do Ontario Residents Bet On the Most?

Since the launch of Ontario sports betting in March, 28% of residents have bet on the NBA while 22% have bet the NHL. Despite there not being any live NFL games since the launch, 13% of residents have still bet on the NFL, either as NFL futures or they bet on the NFL Draft last month.

What Type of Bet Do Ontario Residents Prefer?

The most popular bet among Ontarians surveyed was the moneyline. 15% of surveyed residents preferred to bet moneylines compared to all other bet types available. Point Spread betting (15%) and Totals betting (13%), sometimes referred to as Over/Unders, were the next most preferred bet types.

Parlays and Futures were only preferred by 5% of residents surveyed despite the heavy media coverage both markets typically receive.

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Matt Asher

As the current Editor and Fact Checker editor for, Matthew Asher has nearly a decade of experience working in public relations and digital media marketing with the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers.Matthew is passionate about the sports betting industry and has been known to explain how to bet on the NFL, College Football and other major sports leagues. He is passionate about making sure you have the most up-to-date and correct information about Ontario betting regulations.

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