Predicting The NHL’s Highest Selling Jerseys In 2022-23

The most popular way for fans of the NHL to show support for their favorite team is to purchase merchandise. Hats, shirts, assorted memorabilia and much more are purchased by fans or for fans to let everyone know exactly where their loyalties lie, even if they may not always favor their own team across Ontario sports betting.

Perhaps the most convincing way to show your fandom for a certain team? Wearing their jersey. It’s no coincidence that at any team's home game, the arena is filled with fans wearing the colors of their hometown team, cheering them on and letting everyone around them know that they, too, are cheering for the home squad.

As the NHL moves forward it is becoming a more star-driven league. People still cheer for teams, of course, but cheering for stars like Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews and Alex Ovechkin almost supersede cheering for the team. Jerseys are the perfect way to cheer for a team and also support an individual player, showing that your loyalties lie with the team and the players that make the team worth watching. The most popular jerseys are generally a sign of the most popular players, and finding out which jerseys are selling the most is a great way to discover fan engagement with certain players.

BetOntario utilized Google Trends to look at the most searched NHL jerseys over the past season by utilizing the phrase “player name jersey” to predict who will be among the league's top 10 jersey sellers at the end of the season.

Below is the projected top 10 in NHL jersey sales after the current season. Keep it here at OntarioBets for items like this, plus the best Ontario sports betting apps.

The Usual Suspects

Alexander Ovechkin will likely hold the top spot this year, as his chase for the NHL all-time goal scoring record has rejuvenated fan interest and his recent passing of Gordie Howe for second all time on that list has fans fascinated with his performances.

Connor McDavid takes the next spot, as the superstar has had an incredible season thus far and recently passed the 50 goal plateau for the first time in his career. His recent hot streak could easily carry him to the top of the jersey list. Sitting atop of lists is nothing new for him, as he leads the league in goals, points and is the heavy favorite at BetRivers Ontario Sportsbook to win the Hart Trophy this season. 

As the face of the league, there is no surprise his jersey is popular everywhere, not just in Canada. The trends show residents of New York are frequently searching his jersey, and his season has gained him fans across North America. 

Last year's Hart Trophy winner, Auston Matthews, has had a slower season with injuries mixed in but still comes close to the top of the list, checking in at fourth behind Penguins star Sidney Crosby. His incredible 60 goal performance from last season is the main reason for his popularity, but even in a so-called ‘down year’ by his standards he still sits well over a point per game. 

Matthews jerseys are always popular in Ontario where his Leafs play, but he has also seen plenty of searches in the Michigan area, an area of the states very close to Toronto that no doubt hosts plenty of Leafs fans. 

Ontario fans clearly love McDavid and Matthews, but those aren’t the only popular jerseys in the region.

Crosby has been a fan favorite for years and continues to be a popular jersey in the Ontario area. Brad Marchand of the Bruins also has a strong fan base in Ontario, as the agitating winger seems to draw either love or hate from fans with no middle ground, but the fans who love him are clearly loyal. 

As it has been for years, the best way to show their loyalty is to walk around town with a jersey of their favorite players. 

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