Most Recognized Flags In The World

By Jim Tomlin
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

A nation’s flag means a lot of things. It’s a symbol of pride, a rallying point, even something representational about a country’s heritage and values.

So, where Ontario gambling sites coverage usually flies high, took a look at which flags were the most recognizable to a wide audience. We checked the quiz website,, and their quiz, “Can you name the flags of the world?” that has been taken by 9.4 million people. We determined the most recognized country flags by quiz takers by the percentage of people who got each flag right.

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Top 10 Most Recognized Flags In The World

Rank Flag Pct. Correct
1 Japan 85.3%
2 Canada 85.2%
3 United States 84.7%
4 United Kingdom 84.2%
5 South Korea 83.9%
6 Brazil 83.8%
7 Germany 82.8%
8 France 82.7%
9 China 82.6%
T10 Switzerland 81.6%
T10 Italy 81.6%

Canada Among Most Recognizable Flags

Canada was oh so close to being the most commonly identified flag in the world among people taking the quiz, testing people on their knowledge of national flags.

The red, white and red maple leaf standard was second, with 85.2% of respondents correctly identifying the flag. Japan’s familiar red sun on a white background was the most commonly known flag at 85.3% Those were the only two flags that 85% or more participants got correct.

Canada, of course, is home to Ontario sports betting in addition to about 39 million residents.

More About The Canadian Flag

Canada’s maple leaf has been a national symbol since at least the 1800s; red and white were approved as the nation’s official colors in the 1920s, according to “The World Encyclopedia of Flags” (2003 edition). But the current flag was not officially adopted until 1964. Before then, as was the case with many former British colonies and commonwealth members, the Canadian flag incorporated a Union Jack.

The maple leaf, of course was also the name given to Toronto’s hockey team in 1926 when it changed its nickname from the St. Patricks. You can check out Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup odds with us as the NHL playoffs get underway.

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Distinctive Flags Top List

Flags come in an extraordinary array of designs and patterns, but about a quarter of the 200 nations on Earth have a flag with two, three or four colors and no other designs or symbols.

Yet one of the interesting aspects about the list is that the top six flags are all quite distinctive, or even unique. Japan’s red circle on a white field and Canada’s red-white-red horizontal stripes with the red leaf in the middle are, as the quiz-takers prove, very easily identifiable.

The same is true of the next four flags on the list: The United States of America’s “Stars and Stripes” pattern – a busy design, perhaps, but one known around the world – was third at 84.7%. Next came UK’s Union Jack (84.2%), South Korea’s red-and-white central circle on a white field with diagonal black stripes in each corner (83.9%) and Brazil’s green field, yellow diamond and blue globe with the words, “Ordem e Progresso” in the middle (83.8%).

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Jim Tomlin is an editor and writer specializing in sports, gambling and the intersection of those industries. He has 30+ years of journalism experience and his work has appeared in the Tampa Bay Times, FanRag, Saturday Down South and Saturday Tradition.

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