Canada's Top 10 Nostalgic Cartoon Shows

By Jeff Parker
Fact Checked by Jim Tomlin

Who doesn’t love cartoons? From early childhood all the way into adulthood, the animated art form continues to draw us in. This is especially true for millennial and Gen Z-aged Canadians, who grew up with a richer variety of animated entertainment than earlier generations.

To pay tribute to the nostalgic favourites of our youth, OntarioBets,.com took a break from our reviews of Ontario gambling sites to discover the top childhood cartoons in the nation. We used Google Trends data between March 26 and April 2, 2024 to compile a list of the top 10. Check out the full results below.

Not only are these shows the most fondly recalled nationwide, but they were all Canadian-produced shows too.

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Canada’s Favourite Childhood Cartoons

Rank Show Search Interest Score
1 Arthur 35
2 Totally Spies 34
3 My Little Pony 28
4 Toopy and Binoo 25
5 6Teen 19
6 Total Drama Island 17
7 Johnny Test 15
8 Ed, Edd n Eddy 5
9 Ruby Gloom 4
10 Fugget About It 3

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What Was Top Childhood Cartoon In Canada?

According to our search, "Arthur” was the fan favourite, with a search interest score of 35 (search interest scores were measure against search interest in other topics).

Arthur, the world’s most lovable anamorphic aardvark, has been a staple of Canadian childhoods for 25 years. Arthur hails from the fictional American city of Elwood, but the series shares a strong connection to the true north. In fact, the show has been produced primarily in Canada since its inception in 1996. It wrapped up its 25-season run in 2022 (the same year that Ontario sports betting and online casinos launched), but the series is sure to remain a favourite among Canadians for decades to come.

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The Rest Of The Contenders

Next up, “Totally Spies” lands second on our list of Canada’s top cartoons. This animated series originated in France in 2002 and it was a big hit in English and French-speaking Canada. The show had over 150 episodes across six seasons, following three teen girls from Beverly Hills who travel the world to defeat supervillains. Fans will be delighted to hear that Season 7 is set to be released sometime in 2024, nearly a decade after the last episode aired in Canada.

“My Little Pony” is third on our list. The Hasbro toy horse franchise inspired two series and a number of animated specials in the 1980s and early ‘90s, before languishing for nearly two decades. That is, until the reboot “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” exploded in popularity during the 2010s. This “My Little Pony” renaissance was led by an unexpected demographic. For reasons still largely inexplicable, a community of adolescent boys and young men galvanized around the new series, calling themselves “bronies” (an amalgamation of “bro” and “pony”). This unlikely cohort began producing “My Little Pony” fan art and fan fiction, organized conventions, and even helped raise money for charitable causes.

The fourth-most popular throwback cartoon show is “Toopy and Binoo” — or “Toupie et Binou,” as it’s known in Quebec. Based on the French-Canadian books aimed at preschoolers, the series premiered in 2005 and follows a whimsical mouse named Toopy and his pet cat Binoo. The series was short lived, but in 2023 a film adaptation, “Toopy and Binoo the Movie,” debuted in theatres. That is now available to rent or stream.

Kudos to creators Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis, who earn the fifth and sixth spot on our list with “6Teen” and “Total Drama Island,” respectively. For its part, “6Teen” follows six teenage mallrats with part time jobs at a mega-mall inspired by Toronto’s Eaton Centre and the West Edmonton Mall. Meanwhile, “Total Drama Island” is about a group of teens whose summer camp is transformed into a reality competition show that invokes “Survivor.” Both series aired on Teletoon in the mid-2000s.

The rest of the list is rounded out by beloved animated shows “Johnny Test” at No. 7, “Ed, Edd n Eddy” in eighth, then “Ruby Gloom” and “Fugget About It” taking the final spots.

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