Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook In Depth Review & Updates, App & Betting Markets Available

By Joss Wood
Fact Checked by Peter Mooney

Bally Bet Ontario is joining the scramble for customers in the rapidly growing online sportsbook market in Ontario. The province's internet gambling market is now home to no fewer than 24 online sportsbooks, and Bally Bet will soon be a new entrant on the scene.

Unlike many of its rivals, Bally Bet can be used in Ontario only through its mobile app rather than having a website version available too. It will be fascinating to see how competitive an app-only operator - albeit one with an extremely illustrious name - fares in this intensely competitive environment.

Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook Overview

📲  Device CompatibilityAndroid, iPhone
🏒  Available SportsNHL, NFL, NBA, MMA, CFL, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport, & more
⌚️  Payout Speed2-5 days
📆  Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook Launch DateLate 2022
✔️  Last Updated2/8/2023

Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook App Launch Details

Bally Bet's application to launch in Canada was approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in the last week of September 2022. As soon as it has clearance from iGaming Ontario, and its scheduled launch date arrives, it will be able to begin offering online sports betting markets to customers in the province.

It is essential to note that the sportsbook will be available only via the Bally Bet mobile app. The Bally's Corporation launched a Bally Bet casino product as a website and online casino app in Ontario in July 2022, but has opted to focus purely on the mobile market with its sportsbook arm.

Users of mobile apps delivered by the company in other states where Bally Bet has a license now find a product that is quick and easy to load, and that has developed good navigation and user-friendly functionality.

Owners of both iPhones and Android devices should be able to access the Bally Bet mobile app through their respective app stores. Just search for the Bally Bet Sportsbook, and once you have located it you will be able to download it to your mobile device.

Some of the most appealing features of the Bally Bet sportsbook Ontario players can expect to find are as follows.

Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook Top Features

Social Features

This is arguably the feature that will help Bally Bet to stand out from the crowd. It makes it easy to share your betting activity with your friends, which ensures you can keep an eye on how your buddies are up to and means you can share the fun of online Ontario sports betting. For the younger generation in particular, this is a hugely attractive feature for any book to offer.

Player Props and Parlays

If you enjoy a proposition bet on a player's performance, you will find plenty of options at Bally Bet. There are plenty of options available; and you can easily turn them into a parlay too. Select several straight bets, and you'll be able to work out your potential payout quickly and easily so that you can take the parlay option.

Wide Range of Sports 

Sports betting fans in Canada can look forward to a generous array of options when it comes to selecting a wager at Bally's app. As well as all the major North American sports, this is a sportsbook that brings you the chance to bet on leagues and games around the world in a host of different sports.

Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Pros & Cons - Bally Bet Sportsbook Ontario App

🎯 Social wagering features❌ Small number of banking options
🎯 Easy parlay betting options❌ No live streaming
🎯 Wide range of sports available
🎯 Highly trusted name in casino
🎯 App frequently updated

Download Bally Bet Ontario Betting App

You can wager with Bally Bet either through iOS or Android devices. Simply search for the Bally's app in your app store and - provided you are physically located in Ontario - downloading it will be straightforward. Just click the download button and the app will be launched and stored on your mobile device.


⭐️ Apple App Store Score2.8
⭐️ Google Play Score3.3

What iOS Users Are Saying

🗣"Great app, but hungry for more features."

🗣"By far the best around."

🗣"They literally don't allow you to get your funds back when you win."

What Android Users Are Saying

🗣"Best online sports betting experience I've ever had."

🗣"Not a 5-star app by any means, but has potential."

🗣"Every time I have a free bet, they give me trouble when I try to use it."

Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook App Safety and Security

The name Bally has been associated with casinos and casino games for several decades. Bally's has been supplying online casino gambling for many years. So this is a company with extensive experience of the need for pin-sharp security around the casino and betting industry.

As a result, Bally Bet customers can expect a high level of security, most notably through 256-bit SSL data encryption. The company has developed its own software, a process that included the $3billion acquisition of Gamesys in 2019.

Visitors to the Bally Bet mobile app should expect a high standard of user interface, one that is regularly upgraded to make the wagering experience here as enjoyable as possible. This is sure to be one of the best Ontario betting apps.

Live Streaming on Bally Bet Online Sportsbook App

Visitors to Bally Bet Ontario should not expect to find any live streaming options available at this stage. The chance to enjoy a live stream of games on which you have taken the odds is an attractive benefit for patrons, so its absence is a drawback as Bally's tries to attract customers in Canada.

Given the significant improvements to the Bally Bet app in recent years, the chances that live streaming could be added to its Ontario package in the near future should be quite good.

Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

How to Sign Up for Bally Bet Sportsbook Ontario

As with any regulated and approved operator, there is quite a lot of information that needs to be supplied when you sign up for an account with Bally Bet. However, this operator does a nice job of streamlining the process into a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the Join Now button
  2. Create a username and password
  3. Provide your name, email address, phone number and date of birth
  4. Accept the terms and conditions - you're ready to deposit and play

Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook Betting Options and Market Coverage

There are several ways in which you can place bets on your favorite sports at Bally Bet Ontario.

Bet Types Available

  • Point spreads - One of the most popular options with bettors. For a points spread, Bally Bet levels up the odds about both teams in a game by giving the underdog a notional head start. You then have to decide whether or not the favorite will "cover the spread" - i.e. win by more than the handicap.
  • Moneyline - The most straightforward form of sports betting. There are no spreads, no totals, no hidden twists. All you have to do to place a moneyline bet is decide which team will win, and stake accordingly.
  • Over/Unders - Also known as totals, over/under bets are exactly what they sound like. Bally Bet suggests how many times a certain outcome will happen - most often the combined score of both teams - and you take the odds on whether it will be more or less than that.
  • Parlays - This is the play for you if you want to cover several picks with a single stake. As each selection wins, your return rolls over on to the next one. The only drawback is that all your picks have to be right to generate a return.
  • Same-game parlays - In recent years, increasing numbers of sportsbooks have added same-game parlays to their options - and Bally Bet is no exception. You can make several picks within the same event and combine them in a single wager.
  • Player/Team Props - Proposition bets relate to outcomes within a game rather than the overall result itself. You can wager on a broad range of markets, including individual players' performances and the progress of a team during the game.
  • Futures - Your betting options are not restricted to games happening today or this weekend. You can look further ahead to season-long outcomes. These are known as Futures, and all good online sportsbooks offer them.
  • Alternate Lines - You may want to tweak the point spread or other lines to suit your prediction about a game. Bally Bet provides this capability in the form of alternate lines.

Sports Betting Markets Offered by Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook

One of the most compelling reasons for opening a new account is the range of sports offered by the sportsbook in question. A wide choice means there are more betting markets available - the term used by operators to refer to events where you can place a bet. Bally Bet offers a very reasonable selection of major sports to bet on, including:

  • NHL: Hockey is, of course, by some distance the most popular sport in Canada. You can expect to find extensive markets on all NHL games at Bally Bet.
  • NFL: Football is the biggest deal in the sporting landscape in the United States, and many Canadian fans also enjoy wagering on the NFL.
  • NBA: Basketball has grown hugely in popularity in recent decades, and there is plenty of interest in wagering on it around the Ontario market.
  • MLB: Baseball is big business in Canada, so Ontario sportsbooks carry plenty of odds about MLB games - and Bally Bet is no exception.
  • CFL: The Canadian version of football generates a solid level of wagering interest, which ensures its presence on betting coupons here.
  • Other Hockey Leagues: There are plenty of leagues in Europe where hockey is played to a high standard, which justifies their presence on betting coupons in the Ontario market.
  • Soccer: The world's most popular sport commands plenty of interest in Canada, so you should find odds on the EPL and other top leagues at Bally Bet.

Other sports available:

  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Auto Racing
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Rugby League

Bally Bet will also run a market on competitions at seasonal events such as the summer and winter Olympics. It will be intriguing to see if it throws a spotlight on sports that are particularly popular in Canada, such as curling.

Live Betting

One of the most enjoyable and challenging ways of enjoying sports betting at an online sportsbook is wagering in play. The odds change as the action ebbs and flows, and you can bet in play on how you think the game is now going to go.

The Live tab is displayed prominently at the foot of the home screen on the Bally Bet app, and you should find plenty of opportunities there to bet on games that are already under way. One way in which we hope the live betting facility here is enhanced soon is with the addition of live streaming.

Early Cash Outs

The ability to cash out your bet is a close relation of live betting. If you decide that you want to shut down your action and take a profit - or limit a loss - on some bets, you will be given the opportunity to do so by the sportsbook.

You will be shown a figure that you can cash out for at that moment. Obviously, it will be less than your return would be if you let the bet ride to the finish!

Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Bally Bet Sportsbook vs. Other Ontario Sportsbooks

Bally Bet Ontario is an intriguing addition to the province's internet gambling market. This product is delivered by a company with extensive experience in providing online casino games, and a sportsbook that is live in several states in the United States.

The user experience is improving all the time, and Bally Bet patrons will enjoy wagering here. However, the number of betting markets is smaller than you will find at Bet365 Ontario sportsbook, while the live streaming on offer at FanDuel sportsbook Ontario is a winner with many sports bettors.

    Banking Options for Bally Bet Canada Users

    One of the areas where Bally Bet has come up short in other territories is in the range of banking methods available. This is particularly acute when it comes to ways of making a withdrawal. Such shortages can seriously restrict the number of customers who are content to sign up. We believe the following banking options will be available.  

    Deposit Methods

    ✅Credit & debit cards - Visa and Mastercard

    ✅Play+ prepaid card

    ✅ACH e-check

    ✅Bank transfer

    Withdrawal Methods

    ✅Play+ card

    ✅ACH e-check

    ✅Bank transfer

    Quickest Withdrawals, Huge diversity in sports to choose from, Apps available for both IOS and Android
    Combined Shape Copy Must be 19+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

    Customer Support Bally Bet Sports Ontario

    If you need to get in touch with Bally Bet Ontario, you should find a solid range of ways in which to do so. Top Ontario sportsbooks like Bally Bet offer you the opportunity to make contact by telephone to raise an issue, while a 24/7 live chat facility staffed by humans rather than chatbots is always a positive.

    The choice of ways in which you can source customer support at top sports betting sites in Ontario should also include an email address with a quick response time, as well as an in-depth FAQ page in the Contact Us section.

    Responsible Gaming at Bally Bet Sportsbook

    Like every regulated and approved operator, under the rules laid down by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Bally Bet has a duty to encourage its clientele to play responsibly.

    This latest arrival on the Ontario scene duly obliges, with a prominent link to resources designed to help anybody concerned they are at risk of developing a gambling problem.

    You should find practical advice on how to ensure you are in control at all times, as well as helplines and links to agencies with expertise in delivering support to people in that position.

    Our Final Verdict of Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook 

    Bally Bet Ontario promises to be a worthy addition to the long list of online sportsbooks available to sports fans in Canada's most populous province. The fact that it can be accessed only via the company's app means there will be a strong focus on the part of the operator to make the mobile experience as good as it possibly can be.

    The Bally Bet sportsbook in other territories has rightly won praise for its solid offering of a wide selection of sports betting market, the easy navigation and good functionality of the app, and innovative features such as the ability to enjoy your betting experience with your social media friends.

    We suggest you take the earliest opportunity to sign up for an account with Bally Bet Ontario, make your first deposit and place a few bets with an operator that seamlessly matches long wagering experience with a willingness to experiment.

    Bally Bet Ontario Sportsbook FAQ section

    Yes, it is. Bally Bet received approval from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in late September 2022 and now awaits final clearance to launch from iGaming Ontario. You can be confident you are using a fully licensed and legal sports betting app.

    The process of registering for a Bally Bet account is straightforward. Once you have located the app at your app store and downloaded it to your device, there are a few steps to follow to enable you to open an account and start betting.

    Yes, there is. Indeed, Bally Bet is unusual in that it is available only through its app - there is no website version in operation in Ontario.

    You will need to be at least 19 years old. That is the minimum age laid down by the authorities overseeing sports betting in Ontario.


    Joss Wood
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    Joss Wood has over a decade of experience reviewing and comparing the best Ontario online casinos to ensure players find their favorite place to play. He has followed the Ontario betting market even before it launched in April, staying up to date on legislation and news from the top sportsbooks and casinos.